Yet More Isolation

The only way of knowing this is the weekend is through the newspaper. It is extra large on Saturday and missing on Sunday. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are all exactly the same. My husband and I spend quite a lot of time asking each other what day it is. And forget about the date. I have lost track but I think it’s still April. Okay. I checked and got that right.

Last week I wrote abut my writing video for the local library. Well, I have completed it. If my hair hadn’t been grey before I started the process it would have been grey by now. I am not really happy with it even though my grandson has been a marvellous technical expert.He didn’t yell at me once but he must have been tempted to do so several times. Guess it helped being his grandmother. Tough to be really nasty to the old girl when she is sorts trying to do her best. The not happy part is due to me not my grandson. I look stiff and uncomfortable and even when I yelled into the computer, I still peeped away like a demented chicken. If I ever did another (heaven forbid) I would buy a microphone and move everything off the kitchen counter top behind me.

So, the video took up quite a lot of time and I even learned how to transfer files that are too large to email. When I wasn’t videoing, I was baking. I became quite determined to produce some cheese cookie things. I can’t call them biscuits as those are what I call scones. The crackers I made earlier were not all successful although the ones with baking powder were edible. The rock hard ones ended up in my little compost bin. I can’t imagine what to do these days if I broke a tooth. There must be some emergency dentists in town.

Like everyone, I have talked on the phone a lot and sent more emails than usual. The thing I have not done much of is writing. You would think I would grasp the chance to finish the next draft of my adult novel or to complete my middle grade one.But no. I have even cleaned out drawers rather than write. I know this is not rational. My excuse is that this is not a rational time. We started off watching a lot of updates on the virus and now are down to once a day. It is impossible to grasp the numbers of dead throughout the world and some countries have yet to reach danger levels. I was moved by the sight of a mass burial in New York. I can’t imagine what else they could do with the serious situation but it seemed so dismissive to use machinery to line up a row of coffins in the earth and then cover them. I hope that after this is over, the families of those dead people can rebury the bodies where they wish to leave them.

It is hard to figure out when this pandemic might be over. Some say weeks, some say months while others are mentioning a year or saying it will hang around as an ongoing disease. One thing for sure. Life will never be the same as it was.