Vacation jobs

I could always work in my father’s hardware store. The tasks included a lot of dusting and since that was not a favourite activity, and still isn’t, and since I did not get paid, things had to change when I became a university student and needed money.

In my first year, i worked at the pharmacy about two doors away from the hardware store. I guess my father spoke to the owner who already knew me. He must have thought I would be useful and hired me. I did not screw up the cash register and I did dust but there were other tasks. If I had any spare time, i wrapped bulky packets of sanitary pads in plain brown paper. Hardly a disguise given that the shape and size gave them away. The dispenser was a lovely guy who resembled s wise lizard. I was amused by the folk who consulted him about their ailments instead of going to a doctor. After a whispered consultation, he would provide something in bottle or jar. Condoms were never on display and were kept under the counter out of sight.

In my second year I worked in the office of the freezing works. I descri bed biking there in my last week blog so I certainly got exercise. At the beginning I screwed up my switchboard duties and was probably not popular. But I did learn to transfer calls to the correct person. My other duty was filing and at keast i knew the alphabet.

In our third year a group of us applied for and got jobs in the justice department in Wellington.i was hired to revise the countrywide list of justices of the peace. Since the previous revision, some had died, some had retired and others had changed their addresses. Two of them were my father and uncle and it seemed daft to send them letters when I could confirm their details. But rules is rules and out the letters went. We were all given filing jobs when not otherwise busy and one senior member of staff told us not to look in a certain filing cabinet. When he was at lunch, we investigated and tead files on guys who had performed indecent acts on sheep and other livestock. The knowledge widened our horizons but did not incline us towards perversity.

Not sure where I will go next week. No doubt an idea will arrive.