Spring etc

I am trying to write about something other than isolation as I am sure it is getting pretty boring to read about my experiences. After all, there is a whole world ticking over outside my windows. The obvious topic is spring which is fast approaching us without any regard for social distancing. She’s there, right in our faces.

Spring is the puberty season. Like hormones, things are bursting out all over. Leaves, buds, flowers are growing so fast you can almost see them, One day a tiny shoot appears through the ground and then the next day it is further up, looking perky and more like a tulip. The forsythia is a welcome splash of gold among the grey and brown twigs of its neigbouring trees and bushes. Crocuses and daffodils are the tough guys; they have been blooming for two weeks.

Like the moods of a teenager, the weather is up and down. On one day, it will be lovely with sunny skies and gentle breezes and everyone goes walking with smiles on their faces. I decide to go hatless but carry it just in case in my pocket. The next day it is freezing, barely above zero. I walk into a nasty wind and pull my hat down over my eyebrows. On such a cold day, I am amused to see the guy who lives on the corner of our building on the ground floor standing by his bird bath. He tells me he is pouring warm water into it after having broken the covering of ice. I ask if he is adding bubbles for the birds and he laughs. i hurry inside our condo and complain about the cold to my husband who has wisely decided not to venture out.

I think I already mentioned my sour dough starter. Apparently everyone is doing this because of the shortage of yeast. I read on Facebook this morning that the potato growers of Alberta are suggesting a recipe for a potato starter. It sounds more rapid than the one I have been growing which smells yeasty. I will have to decide soon what I will make. I am a little uncertain about its potency as I do not want to waste any of my precious flour to make a flat loaf or squashed-looking buns. Which we will be forced to eat rather than waste.

So life chugs along not matter what happens. At times, I suffer from cabin fever and think it would be great to go somewhere other than these wall and the immediate surrounds of our building. Actually I will be going somewhere next week but the cancer unit at the hospital is hardly a prime destination. They are planning a fast appointment just to take blood. Then I can go home and wait for the doctor to review the numbers and call me on the phone with the results. Whoppeeeee!

Now what to write about next weekend?