Reading and Re-reading

I’ve had a book in my hands ever since I earned to decipher words. As a child, I read as much as possible but was always been turned out of the house to play in the fresh air. I couldn’t even read at night under the bedclothes with a flashlight because my sister ratted me out to my parents. .

When I think about it, there weren’t very many books in our house. We had a bookcase with exciting titles like The Clans of Scotland and the odd novel belonging to my mother. The most interesting volume was a copy of Pears Encyclopedia and I was fascinated by the section on Preparing for Childbirth which gave me a warped idea of the whole process. My father wasn’t a reader and neither was my grandfather who lived with us. They did read the daily newspaper and the local one which came three times a week and was known as the Two Minute Silencer. I was the only addicted reader. I once got into trouble for spending some money given to me on a book. I think it was one featuring the Famous Five. I am not sure what I was meant to do with the money as I didn’t have a bank account. No doubt my mother had a worthy cause.

So I often ran out of books. I read all the girls’ books at the local lending library and then the boys but was banned from the adult section. I bet the sex scenes were pretty tame. I reread the books I had enjoyed and found that I still liked them even though I knew what happened next. When I was getting rid of my house and discarding books, I kept some of those rereads and have actually re- reread them.

The other day, I picked up a book by Mary Stewart and noted how well she depicted a setting. I’ve reread them all now and really enjoyed the Arthurian novels. She deserved all the praise she received for those books. I also admired the formidable amount of research she must have done to make them believable. If you read them years ago, they are worth another look. If you didn’t read them previously, start with The Crystal Cave and then keep going through the series.

Books that are worth rereading have survived the test of time. If you arrived reluctantly at the last page and found yourself still in the book;s thrall, then it will be enjoyable to read again after some time had passed. At least that is my take on the subject.