My Gardens in March

The main crop of beans is finished as are the beets, cucumbers, cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbages. I still have lettuce, white radishes and rather weary-looking spinach. The rhubarb is chugging along and much happier now that we’ve had rain and lower temperatures. In a moment of madness and to use up the package, I planted more bean seeds and much to my surprise, they have grown to adulthood and are producing actual beans.

I picked the last grapes before the bees and birds sucked out the juices. I am all in favour of wildlife but it has to behave itself and stay in an appropriate location. This is a place far from the grape vine in February. I want to be able to pick an unsullied bunch of grapes. White Diamond are well named as they are such fine-tasting grapes. At least, I have many months to gird up my loins (or whatever females do) before next year’s crop is ready to be harvested. The leaves have all been stripped from the vine.

I still have flowers in the side and front gardens. The petunias are in full bloom as are the verbena and dahlias. I will feel bad when I yank them out in a couple of weeks. They have to go as they would die and look dismal when the cold weather arrives. I usually plant more geraniums and pansies before I leave New Zealand so that people can enjoy some colour. When I return. I will be faced with a red poppy jungle. They shoot up every spring and take over. They are so pretty that I let them run wild for a few weeks before I cut them down and plant annuals.

The weeds have been rampant this summer. I’ve never encountered quite as many and other gardeners have agreed. Guess the combination of sun and rain encouraged everything green to shoot toward the sky. I don’t know why grasses are able to grow more speedily than the flowers and vegetables near them. Maybe they enjoy the challenge of competition. I imagine a blade of grass trying to become taller than a petunia or a beet. . And succeeding all too well.

So my gardening is almost done for the year. I know it be there ready to be attacked next October when I am full of renewed energy and enthusiasm.