More Isolation

It is very hard to write about anything except isolation these days but it may get pretty boring to read my posts in future. The idea of being locked down for months is a scary thought. I know this happened in China and I should be grateful that I occupy a larger home than most Chinese. When I am hearing the staggering number of deaths in European countries it is hard to feel grateful and far too easy to feel depressed.

In the middle of the night, I think about things that do not disturb me in daytime. At 79, I am uncomfortably close to the 80 line when doctors treating me for the virus may have to decide to give a ventilator to a younger person. In theory, this is the right choice but in practice, it is something more to worry about. I also worry about the family members and friends who are still moving in the big world and hope they lok after themselves. The sign outside the church next door says this: PRAY AND WASH YOUR HANDS. Good advice.

I might be really gloomy this week except for an unexpected email. The Oakville Library is starting a project where local authors record part of a book and talk about their writing. I thought this was an interesting idea and emailed my agreement. Then I started to think about the technical side of the plan. I know I have a web cam on my laptop but where is it and how do I turn it on? EEK! Maybe this is not such a good idea.

Since I eventually found the web cam and turned it on, I had crawled over the first hurdle. If you know all about technology, this is the point where you start shaking your head. Really? How hard can it be for Pete’s sake! I don’t know who Pete was but all these techie things are tough for me. Given two options, I take the wrong one every time. It’s part of my DNA,

The next step was to decide what to read and what to say about my reading. I scribbled some notes and trotted of to the bedroom to see how long I would speak. The time suggested was 15 to 20 minutes. The first run through was too long so I cut it back. Reading all of Chapter 1 was important to set the scene for the rest of the novel. The book I am talking about and reading from is a Young Adult novel called HIPPO HANNA.

With help from the director of the project who was very patient and assistance from my grandson who was lovely I did make some recordings. I had looked at myself in a grey shirt and decided I looked dreary so changed into a red shirt. This was better. I could not do much abut the face and hair. The watcher is stuck with them.

I have not finished my recording yet. I managed to send three files to my grandson for critique. Think my voice is too quiet but he will let me know. I may have to repeat all or part of it. Next week, I’ll tell you what happened.