May Days

May has always been a happy month for me. For one thing there are multiple family birthdays, the weather is improving and the tulips are blooming. What not to like? Then of course we used to celebrate Victoria Day with fireworks before Canada Day took them over.

I counted up the birthdays. Some of the people are dead but if I include them, 8 members of our family had May birthdays. In the days when we owned a house with room for a crowd we would have a day on the long weekend to gather together for a May Fest. Some people were too far away to join us but I always remembered them. Mum’s birthday often coincided with Mothers Day and I tried to send hr two gifts.

My family thought I was rather boring about gifts. Because I was planning my gardens in May if anyone asked me what presents i wanted. I suggested a bag of cocoa bean mulch or garden centre certificates. There was a stage when I collected frog ornaments for my garden and I ended up with quite a few. Not sure what the name is for a group of frogs. I stopped to check and it is an army. Never would have thought of that. The only veteran from my army is a large beast who looks more like a toad. He has a hole in his mouth which is probably an outlet for water. Maybe he was meant to sit in a pond and spout. He actually spent most of his life squatting on the remnants of a large tree in my side yard. Speaking of gardens and blooms we had a large magnolia on the border of our yard and the neighbour’s. It was always glorious in May and I hoped we’d avoid any late storms to damage the flowers before they fell naturally.

When my kids were young, they became very excited about fireworks on the long weekend in May. We often gathered with the parents and the kids of neighbours and pooled our fireworks. Because May weather could be unpredictable, I used to keep our the snowsuits after one year of seeing my children shiver in the cool night air. The Burning Schoolhouse was a big favourite and I wonder if it is still included in those packages for sale. When my kids grew up and Since my sale. When my kids produced their kids we would go to join them for fireworks.. Since my daughter’s family lived at the bottom of a court, there was always a good crowd to enjoy the show.

So, welcome May. I will think of you with pleasure when I admire the blossom even though the birthday celebrations will be missing this year. I will remember instead the good ones in the past. Maybe in 2020, I can have a cupcake with a candle.