Mad May

I have already mentioned that May is a happy month in my family calendar with all the birthdays that are celebrated as well as Mother’s Day. There was also a wedding.

My parents were married on the 17th of the month. I have an invitation from that occasion. There are only a few photographs of the day and two are badly marked. When retail stores are finally open, I’d like to get them restored. Dad looks reasonably happy in the photos but Mum looks quite grim. When I asked her why she wasn’t smiling, she told me a front tooth was either chipped or stained. I cant remember which and I did not ask her what had caused the damage. She had it mended as I can’t recall her with a marked front tooth.

I have a photo before me as I write. The fashion was for quite large bouquets and Mum and her attendant have them in front of their tummies with long trails of greenery. If a bride was caring extra weight in her central region, a floral arrangement like that would be handy. (My mother was neither fat nor pregnant in case you were wondering.) Dad is flanked by Alan and Graham two of his three brothers. Mum’s attendant are Edith her best friend, Natalie a future sister-in-law and her young cousin. Florence is sitting on the floor at Mum’s feet. I think she would have been about 8 years old at the time.

I am reminded of my own wedding photos many moons later, Mum’s pictures were taken in a photography studio while mine were shot outside on our front lawn. As it was January, the roses on the trellis behind us were in full bloom. Mum had made sure they were coaxed along to look glorious for the occasion. In the days before the wedding, I got into big trouble with my mother. I’d carelessly placed a hot pot on the grass and burned a neat circle on it. We didn’t use or buy sod in those days so the circle remained. . Now I’d have cut a replacement piece from the back grass and the lawn would have looked fine.

May has its sad side too. My father died at the beginning of the month. I once told Mum that since his death, her birthday,wedding and the births of her children were all in May then she should die to keep things symmetrical. She wasn’t offended by my suggestion but obviously felt free to ignore it. And she did by dying in August.

I’m not sure what I will write about next. Surely i have written enough about May. Luckily, I have a week to come up with a new topic.