Lost in Amsterdam

We stayed in Amsterdam for five days, long enough to explore many places and to get lost doing so. The New Church (Den Nieuwe Kerke ) was easy to find in the centre of the city and held an interesting display of photography. We decided to look for the Old Church (Den Oude Kerke) and set off full of hope. With our dismal track record, we should have known better.

When we realized the church was lost, we stopped at a bike shop but the owner was busy and unhelpful. Then we met a young couple with two kids coming back from a street market with fruit and a large bunch of flowers. They had no idea where we should go but were very nice people who were quite apologetic about their ignorance. Two Seventh Day Adventists were determined to assist us. I guess it was their religious duty. They didn’t know where the church was either. After about three hours we gave up and returned safely to the hotel.

After some feet-up time, my husband set off again after consulting some maps. I said I’d stay put but after an hour or so, I became bored and decided to investigate nearby places. I crossed the canal beside the hotel and wandered around the next streets. Then I decided to return but could not find a bridge over the canal. I noticed a guy tidying his van and asked him for directions. He shook his head and said something about his wife. When she opened the door, I was impressed at how Dutch she looked. She told me her husband was Turkish and did not speak English but would drive me back to the hotel. She was the type of person you did not argue with so hubby and I obediently got into the van. We had a strange conversation on the way back.

Now my husband did find the Old Church and was impressed that it was in the famous Red Light District. He spent money there too but not on what you are thinking. The church has a great organ and he bought a terrific CD of music played on it.

Now we have a whole new opportunity to get lost in new places. If we do, I’ll tell you about it.