Isolation etc

This morning it is raining but according to the forecast, the skies will clear by lunchtime and the temperature should climb from 4 to 16. That would be great. One of my consolations these days is my daily walk. My isolation is self imposed. Because of my cancer and age it seemed important to be extra cautious about contact.

First the walk. I do not go far. The steps down to the creek were blocked during the winter to prevent people falling on ice and snow. I stepped over the barriers once and wriggled under them a couple of times.Last week I was delighted to see that the steps were open. Now I can walk along the river in both directions. The rest of my walk takes me around the condo building or through the parking lot of the church next door. I sit on one of the seats in front of the church and survey the busy road below. My younger daughter tells me I must not touch the seats with my hands. I may have done so but usually I wear gloves. Apparently seats are being removed from parks in Toronto to prevent virus transmission.

For the rest of the day, I have a sort of schedule. As I have always done, I write during the morning. I have two current projects to keep me busy. After lunch I read for a while and then do some baking. I haven’t baked much in recent years but there is something about confinement that males me want to cook. Judging from the way flour and all the baking products flew off the supermarket shelves other people feel the same.

So what have I made. Since we were low on crackers which we enjoy with cheese, I decided to make my own. I found several easy recipes and chose one. How hard could it be to combine flour salt and liquid with a bit of seasoning. Well, the result was okay for a tiling job. I worried about our teeth as all the dentists are closed and abandoned those crackers. I thought baking powder might help and found another recipe. These were soggy but after a second short baking they perked right up and became edible. My project yesterday was to make chutney from the ingredients I had. I used dehydrated onions, canned tomatoes, vinegar, brown sugar, grated carrots and canned corn. Then I threw in five different seasoning from my spice cupboard. The result tasted good on my rebaked crackers.

I also made some muffins. I have never been a good muffin maker for some reason. These were okay but not wonderful. They were rather dry because I had left them in the oven too long. I might turn them into some type of baked dessert and serve it with ice cream. I do not have a project for today except for the muffin dessert. Maybe I need a break.

We have been watching far too much tv. It is somehow addictive to watch the news and then feel depressed as the numbers of dead climb in Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA. Canada is lagging behind those countries thank goodness but maybe the numbers only demonstrate what will happen here in the next weeks. We watch mystery and cop shows on Netflix and Roku in the evening and have rattled through the Swedish series on Wallander and Beck and the Italian detective series on Montalbano. I recommend them all. The subtitles are unobtrusive and easily read by people with rotten eyesight.

So e are managing and I have to remind myself we are so much better off than many people who are also confined. We have food, space and entertainment. Not so bad at all.