Horrible Week

I am merging my writing personality with my other one here. If you have read my Molly Fraser posts, you will know I have been diagnosed with a blood cancer and am taking a chemo drug. Last weekend I felt worse than normal and as though I were coming down with a flu bug. In fact I probably had some infection. I was not up to writing a post.

Today I feel slightly better but it has been a very, very bad week. If you have a weak tummy then you’d better skip the next parts. I am not sure what triggered a bout of violent diarrhea but I sure had it. I lay around like a gutted fish for several hours afterwards. I decided to eat again next day.

Another not so good day. About 2 a.m. I got our of bed to visit the bathroom. Instead I collapsed on the floor after hitting several immovable objects on the way down. At the hospital they decided the cut on my head did not need stitches. I was joined together with sticky strips after a CAT scan showed the inside was okay. I had bruises and what looked like rug burn on my upper chest and neck. I figured out that was from scraping against the side of the mattress. My main problem was dehydration, solved by four bags of fluid. I was in Emergency for about 8 hours with really great medical staff looking after me.

The next days were relatively uneventful except for loss of interest in food. I had to make myself eat, an unusual situation. My daughter kindly provied butter ded butter chicken for our dinner on Friday night and I enjoyed it. Had a spoonful of left over at Friday lunch. Big mistake. Back to the gutted fish simulation.

This weekend I am being cautious about food and meant in particular. At the moment it does not appeal to me. I hope the bruises start to fade. We will see how things go. Next week HAS to be better. .