Getting Lost in Hong Kong

One of my talents is getting lost. I don’t intend to get lost; it just happens. I have been lost in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Aarhus, Gothenburg, Madrid, Lisbon, Faro, Paris, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and places I can’t remember. One of the interesting side effects of getting lost is meeting helpful people. Sometimes the help is no help at all. I’ve been given totally erroneous information by people who studied my map, turned it upside down and said, ‘That way. You can’t miss it.’ Oh yes I could.

O course, in all these places I wasn’t alone. My husband was with me. It should be easier to find the right way with two people but what if each is convinced he’she is right? One of the most interesting lost situation was in Hong Kong. We started off bright and eager to go to the harbour and cross over to Kowloon on the ferry. We had been given direction from a staff member at the hotel. At first things went well but then the way became confusing. I asked some construction workers but they just shrugged and I assumed they knew no English. As we stood on the side of a busy road to regroup, we noticed a young couple with a baby in a stroller obviously asking directions from two European guys. We went to see if they were going in the direction of the ferry. They were and so was the young couple. We created an instant tour group and set off.

All was well as long as the guys were with us but then they came to their destination. The ferry is just over there,’ they said. ‘You have to find a way over the main road on one of the overpasses. Good luck.’ We figured we were so close w could not go wrong. Hah! We knew to go through a building to find the bridge. Our first foray took us to a very nice swimming pool complex and the second try to a dead end. Eventually we crossed the road and there was the ferry. Except the area was under construction and a detour had to be navigated. When we arrived at the doors, we gave a rousing cheer, much to the surprise of our fellow passengers. I’ll spare you the trials of buying tickets. We had a lot of trouble giving away the extra one. An old guy finally took it with a look of great suspicion.

Next week, I’ll tell you about getting lost in Amsterdam.