From the Fifth Floor

When we were looking at condo buildings, I was hesitant to view any apartment on an upper floor. Our house had been two storeyed and that was okay but I didn’t want to live any higher. Actually I changed my mind and ended up on the fifth floor and the eastern side of a building. I think I can be rescued from the terrace here if a fire breaks out.

The east side of the building does not have the attractive views. People on the south side look over the lake and that view with the boats from the marina on the blue water is spectacular. The view from the north and west which includes trees and a river is also attractive. Because we are on a corner we do see some of the river but only from the terrace not from the living room.

So what do I see? The visitor parking lot is below us which means I can watch the comings and goings. Two large building back onto the property. The apartment building is being painted and a cherry picker is used to carry the workers to the upper floors. They have given all the balconies an undercoat and it will be interesting to see what colour goes on top. Their underground garage must have had some work as all the cars were parked outside making for some tight turns to get in and out. The other building is a rest home for independent seniors. The view is rather boring as few of the inhabitants even venture onto their balconies.

The best thing to watch is the crane. Another building is being erected nearby and a giant crane carries cement to make the foundation and underground garage. The crane driver assembled his little hut by himself much to my pleasure. He reminded me of a spider making a web. The scariest thing he has done is to climb to the top of the central spire to adjust the cable. The first time he did that I thought I was seeing things. But no, there really was a little person way up there. He’s done it more than once. I know he must be wearing a harness but it’s worrying to watch him. And like every one else I wonder about his toilet arrangements as he swings buckets of cement around from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

So my view is a busy one and I don’t think I would swap it for one that was more serene. It’s comforting to watch the world going on below me and I can always take the elevator down and join that world whenever I wish.