Did he Run or Swim?

A strange title but if you read the whole post, it makes sense. This is about my mother’s last cat who was Mr PC.

He was fluffy, orange and white and Mum discovered him living in the bamboo patch at the bottom of her vege garden. No doubt he had been discarded as he was’t a young animal. At first he was very wary but food soon made him braver. He was afraid of men and vanished into the bamboo whenever he heard a male voice. Mum used to brush him and the cat enjoyed it for a while. When he tired of the brush, he tried to bite the brusher. so you watched his tail to see how happy or agitated he was.

After my father died, Mum had several vacation in Canada. Several times she came for the summer. Mr PC was a problem. Friends who lived over the river offered to house him for three months. Mum delivered him in a box in her car. The host who was John decided to keep the cat indoors for several days to get him used to a new place. Then as he seemed quite peaceful, John let him out.

Mr PC promptly disappeared. John was understandably upset at losing him and came back to Mum’s place to tell a neighbour about his vanishing trick. He asked to be informed if the cat arrived at his former location. Weeks passed with no sign of him. And then one day, the neighbour who had been keeping an eye on the house was startled to see Mr PC at Mum’s back door.

Nobody had told Mum that the cat was missing as they didn’t want to worry her. The neighbour started to feed Mr PC and continued to do so until Mum came home in September. My mother was most impressed by her welcome. As soon as the cat heard her voice he came running from the bamboo with loud miaows of delight. Then everyone confessed.

Nobody could work out how the cat had travelled from his new location back to Mum’s house. He’d been delivered in box with no way of seeing where he was going. He had to cross a river and then navigate several busy roads before crossing the river again. It was a long and hazardous journey. Of course if he swam, it was a relatively short trip but Mr PC did not look like a swimmer.

When Mum sold her house and moved into a retirement community, we wondered how the cat would cope. Would he go back to his house? Obviously, Mum was the key factor as Mr PC settled down in the new location with no sign of wandering feet. He had his own chair on her front porch. He lived with Mum for five years until he developed cancer and she made the tough decision to euthanize him.

Not sure what I will write about next week. Maybe my cats and maybe not.