Deluged with Vegetables

I should become a vegetarian except for the fact that I would miss eating butter chicken, fillet steak and tender lamb. My garden is burgeoning with so many veges that we have a wonderful choice for any meal. I have a fine head of cauliflower all ready for the pot. I think it will be mixed with cheese for our dinner tonight.

So just what is out there under the sunny blue sky. The spinach is doing really well at the moment and the cucumber plant beside it is prolific. I have been looking up recipes to use them up. I must remember to buy Greek yogurt to make raita. Of course I can also donate cucumbers to non-cucumber growers,

The first row of green beans are slowing down but there are plenty of white flowers on the next batch. When I pulled out the peas, I planted another row of beans in that spot and hope to be able to pick the results before the weather starts to cool down. I have never had any trouble giving away beans. A couple of neighbours eat them raw.

There s a fine red cabbage growing in the middle of a patch of nasturtiums. Those flowers are eaten too. Then I have more broccoli and several green cabbages. One of them is now coleslaw. I got a nasty surprise when a cockroach wandered out of the outer leaves. He ( or she) didn’t live any longer and I plunged the cabbage into a bowl of cold water is case he (or she) had a close friend or family. I also composted any leaf where the little beast had left a mark. So there are some disadvantages in growing and harvesting your own veges.

I haven’t mentioned the rows of beets either. They are very tasty. The radishes were a bust as they went from poking their heads up to going to seed without a middle stage. Undiscouraged by their poor performance, I planted another bunch. I have leaf lettuce growing in three places. There are some patches of red lettuce in my side flower garden because they are very pretty next to the pink and purple petunias. Green lettuce flourishes beside the rhubarb and next to the strawberries. I haven’t even mentioned the herbs. Basil, mint. dill, sage, rosemary and oregano all grow in pots along the back fence.

Fruit doesn’t really belong in this post but I can’t ignore it. Strawberries es grow under the grape vine. The grapes themselves are getting plumper every day. Our lemon tree still has one lemon on it but we have been the lucky recipients of buckets of lemons from a friend who also gives us oranges. And I can’t ignore the rhubarb which we eat with yogurt for breakfast. The plants we moved last year have stopped sulking and decided to stay in the new location.

I am not complaining about my lovely veges. I just wish they wouldn’t all be ready for picking at the same time. I will miss them when I’m in Canada and my vege garden consists of two pots containing a cherry tomato and a basil plant.