Changing Countries

My husband and I are migratory creatures. We spend about half the year in New Zealand and half in Canada. We are fast approaching the handover. Of course, we choose the spring and summer in each country.

There are many disadvantages in going back to Canada this year. They had a nasty winter and I am not sure if it has finished. Last week, I noticed snw in the forecast. We will leave temperatures in the high 20’s and full sun. Our night time temperatures are about 14 here with not a minus in sight. Then we will depart from a landscape of flowers and green leaves and arrive at one with bare trees and brown grass.

Of course the large advantage is going back to family. My life would be perfect if I could import my children and grandchildren to New Zealand. I’m sure they would enjoy being kiwis. Having us all in the same country is great. Email and photos are okay but a poor substitute. As they do, the grandkids will have grown about a foot in height since I last saw them.

An interesting plus in going to Canada is daylight. It’s getting darker earlier here at night. In the mornings. it used to be light at 5 o’clock but now it’s close to 7 a.m. I l am a morning person and enjoy the early light. As I said I am going back to a winter landscape but one of the pleasures of having definite seasons is that you get to experience the arrival of spring with its thousands of shades of green. In Canada we look down on the groA hopeful sin is the und around a river and it is fascinating to watch the land awaken.

Half of this was written before we left and the rest is being written in the northern hemisphere right now. It was cold when we landed and my bone felt chilled all the next day. The combo of jet lag and cold is a bad one. i hunted through my sock drawer for my warmest ones and huddled in a snug sweater and pants. When I raised the bedroom blinds this morning, I was not delighted to observe a white world. The snow wasn’t very deep and is already melting. It should be gone in a couple of hours.

A hopeful sign is the fattening buds on the trees. In spring you can almost watch them swelling hour by hour and you wait for the day when the grey and brown landscape turns one thousand shades of green. Having seasons makes me appreciate the change from one to the next.

Maybe next week, we will see actual leaves.