Canadian Cats

I guess I inherited my mother’s fondness for cats. Before we went to live in Canada, we had a cat in our New Zealand house.  He was black from his face to his tail and named Henry. When we sold the house, the cat was part of the furnishings. I wonder if he lived to a ripe old age or if he was blown away in the wild storm that sank the Wahine ferry in Wellington harbour.

We had a Canadian black cat who didn’t live long and then a Siamese who was also killed on the road. In those days cats spent much of their time outside. It’s only recently that Canadian cats have been mostly indoor pets.It sound so cruel now to write how these poor animals died. Sebastian and Emma Lee lived with us the longest. They were acquired on my younger daughter’s birthday after my sister told us of a barn cat that had had kittens. When we saw them there were three left. We told my daughter she could have only two and she took a long time to decide on a white one and a ginger and white one. I think the remaining kitten was ginger, white and black. So Sebastian the white kitten and Emma Lee came to live with us. On the night of my daughter’s party, the poor animals cowered under a dresser to escape a bunch of screaming girls. 

Poor Sebby became another casualty of the road outside our house. He had been hit by a previous car before another one came along and hit him again. My elder daughter and I saw the horrible sight and she shot onto the road, stopped the driver and berated him. Emma lived to be 19 or twenty. We dd get another cat to keep her company but Jake bullied her and tried to eat her food. He developed a peeing problem and we could not keep him.

Emma was a pleasant cat. As she grew older she followed the sun around the house and I could usually track her down. One day when she was younger and slimmer, she became trapped in the rafters of a neighbour’s garage and we had a dickens of a job getting her out. In the end my younger child who had the skinniest hand dragged her out by the scruff of her neck. She developed mouth cancer in her old age and when she could no longer eat, we took her to be euthanised. It was a very sad day.

I miss having a cat but it is not possible with our current life style.