A Different April

When I was thinking about my post this week, I realized this was a unique month. At least I hope it’s a unique month as I cannot imagine being still isolated in April 2021. The trouble is nobody knows how long it will take to develop a useful vaccine to protect us from the virus. I know it is being fast tracked but how fast is that particular fast?

I can remember being vaccinated against SARS. The direction was that seniors and other vulnerable people should be vaccinated first. After reading abut horrendously long lines for people to get the jab, I went prepared with a folding chair, snacks, water and a book. To my surprise, there was no lineup and I was taken inside within five minutes. I know that if I had’t been so well prepared I might have stood in the sun for many hours. This is one of those laws which should be named. Maybe it has been.

I have been connecting with some people in my past profession this week. Since they are all in their 80’s and one in her 90’s, it is a bit of a gamble to phone. If the person I am calling answers, then I know she is still alive but I am not sure about the state of her husband. The reverse is true. If husband answers I might be causing pain by asking to speak to his wife. I can still recall the horrified look on the face of a hospice visitor who came to see my father the day after he died of cancer. She simply stood speechless on our front porch and I felt bad about causing her embarrassment.

I have been out for a little jaunt in the car. My husband had to run a message and I went along for the ride. I felt a little like a dog in a vehicle, staring at all the sights and walking people; however, I did not hang my head out the window for the wind to flap in my ears and lift my hair. At our destination, I stayed in the car. I was hoping to see some early trees in blossom but guess this is a little early for the magnolias. I am wondering if the magnolia at our old house is in bloom. It was always glorious.

This have been a week of small steps. Calling my ex colleagues was one step. Making an acceptable vinaigrette was another while ordering a take out meal from one of our neighbourhood restaurants made the list. (It was good) And i actually got back to revising my novel. I also screwed up a section big time and had to find an earlier version to play with. Maybe I am adapting at last to my current condition. I have always been rather slow to adapt to new things. Adaptor? Adaptee? Both look silly.

But I really do not want to get too comfortable in this way of life. I know there is another world out there even if it is a bit scary for me. Work real fast all you clever vaccine makers.